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A legacy of Fred Smith’s maternal grandfather who laid the foundation of this business in 1918.


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The roots of the business are traced to Fred Smith’s maternal grandfather who arrived in this country from Latvia in the early 1900’s. He had emigrated from a section of Europe which has been claimed at various times by both Poland and Russia. In 1918, once in Springfield, Fred Kalman opened Kalman’s Jewelry Store on Main Street next to Kennedy’s Coffee House.

Fred Kalman and Sam Smith went into business together, but split in 1959 when Sam came to the “X” – an area in the Forest Park section of the city where Sumner and Belmont avenues intersect with Dickinson Street.

Sam Smith closed the store for five years in 1959 and became a “trade” watchmaker doing repairs for others. Sam re-opened the store in 1964 when his son Fred quit the University of Miami. Fred came into the business at this time. Fred has become an expert watchmaker and business owner.

Andrew, Fred’s son, went to Boston for professional training as a jeweler, and is now a designer as well. Fred is teaching him all he needs to know to carry on the family name.

Karlene, Fred’s wife has been a constant in the business. She does everything from customer service to the finances.

Fred and Karlene have five children in total and all have worked in the jewelry store at various times in their lives.